Monday, July 16, 2012

Sperm and Egg Donation

For couples all over the world, egg and sperm donations become an integral part in them becoming pregnant and conceiving a child. The reason for this is because one half, or both halves, of a partnership may be unable to produce healthy sperm or eggs. If a couple is unable to produce both healthy eggs and sperm a healthy pregnancy will never be able to be carried out and alternative options will need to be considered.

One of these other options is to be the recipient of an egg or sperm donation. By making use of a donor’s eggs or sperm a couple can wholly increase their chances of having a child and this can turn a seemingly lost hope into a dream realized.

Being the Recipient

As the recipient of an egg or sperm donation you are endeavoring into a path of fertility treatment that not many people often venture down. The thought of someone else’s egg or sperm being the impetus for the creation of your child is an intense thought that is hard for many couples to wrap their heads around.

The reason for a sperm or egg donation may be because one or both partners is unable to produce a healthy semen or egg sample and therefore would be unable to conceive a child naturally. If the woman is unable to produce eggs completely, she will be the recipient of a donor egg and the process of in vitro fertilization will begin. Everything in the IVF process is normal with the only difference being that the egg in use is of another woman, not the one who wishes to become pregnant. It works the same way when a man is unable to produce a semen sample and must rely on donor sperm.
As the recipient of a donor egg or sperm your are entitled to a few things including an extensive background and health check of the person who is donating the egg. Recipients will be able to choose the donor they wish to receive from and will be able to learn and know all about their health, age, and even what they look like. In some cases the donors and recipients will meet prior to the actual egg or sperm donation; this of course must be agreed upon by both parties.

Typically, the hardest part about being the recipient of a sperm or egg donation is dealing with the fact that you are unable to provide sperm or eggs of your own. The fact that you must rely on the donation of another person in order to become pregnant is enough to make most people feel inadequate or insufficient. The mental struggle that this can cause can be extraordinary and too much for some people to handle. Before receiving an egg or sperm donation it is important to make sure that you are in the right state of mind to be doing so .

Being the Donor

Being the donor of eggs or sperm is another side of the coin that many people do not even consider. The joy you can bring a family by donating an egg or sperm is so immense that you may not even realize it all.

For men, donating semen is one of the simplest processes around. Once you are approved all you have to do is venture down to your local sperm bank where you will be given a private room and a cup that you are supposed to ejaculate into. The approval process is, as you would expect, quite rigorous and not just anyone can donate sperm. Sperm donations are only accepted from the healthiest individuals and even the slightest health hiccups can mean that your donation will not be accepted.
In many parts of the world sperm and egg donors are financially compensated for doing so. On top of the joy you receive from helping another couple achieve their dream of having a child, you can also be given money for donating too.

How Donor Eggs are Utilized

Once you donate and egg/sperm, or receive eggs/sperm, you will probably want to know what the eggs and sperm are going to be used for and how they are going to be used. Most typically the donor eggs and sperm are used in conjunction with an IVF treatment. The reason for this is because in order for donor sperm to fertilize an egg or for a donor egg to be fertilized by sperm the process must take place outside of the body.

The chances of a woman becoming pregnant by way of a donor’s eggs or sperm are typically a bit higher than through a normal IVF treatment alone because only the healthiest eggs and sperm are selected to be used during an IVF treatment with donor eggs or sperm. With healthier eggs and more potent sperm the likelihood that you will have to receive multiple IVF treatments is quite slim.

Wrap Up

All in all, using donor sperm and eggs is not as much as an undertaking as it sounds like. The biggest issue that must be overcome is the fact that couples must cope with the eggs and/or sperm being from someone outside the partnership. This is a saddening fact, but it is a fact nonetheless and unless a couple would like to remain childless, they have no choice but to turn to sperm and egg adoption.

Before making the first step towards adoption you should, as always, do your research. Find out the different options that different clinics offer and you must assuredly check the laws and regulations in the region which you live in. Because things like egg and sperm donation are relatively new practices, there are a lot of new rules and regulations that are being created surrounding the practice. This bit of information becomes especially important when you are dealing with donations that are happening on an international level. Do as much research as possible so you can avoid coming across any unwanted surprises later down the road.