Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fertility Treatments, Clinics, and Success Rates

When a couple that is suffering from conception problems would like to seek treatment, there is going to be a lot of different things weighing on their mind. One of these things is whether or not a fertility treatment will even end up yielding a successful pregnancy and a healthy child. While there is no definite treatment that will work for every couple 100% of the time, there are treatments and clinics that are better than others and can give you a better opportunity of conceiving a child.

Couples can do a lot for themselves in order to ensure the best possible chance of conceiving a child through use of fertility treatments are fertility clinics. The only problem is that many couples will not put in the effort it takes to become fully aware of how they can put themselves in the best possible position to walk away from treatment with a healthy child.

Picking the Right Clinic

Something that many couples overlook when it comes to receiving fertility treatments is the clinic that they choose to receive treatment from. Much like grocery stores, beauty salons, and even sporting goods stores, fertility clinics are all different and offer different products and services. If you really like a specific fertility clinic but they do not offer the treatment you need, then it is obviously not going to be a smart decision to pick that clinic as your primary one.

In addition to treatment selection, some clinics are flat out better than others. Clinics gain reputations, both good and bad, quite quickly and those reputations stick with them for a while. Before picking a clinic you should do your research and find out what past patients have to say about the clinic you are considering. Thanks to technology there are hundreds and hundreds of websites that offer reviews on clinics from patients who actually received treatment there. Sure, every single patient is different, but if you begin to see a lot of negative feedback being thrown in the general direction of a particular clinic then it would be a wise decision to stay away from it.

Additionally, each year clinics release the numbers of treatments that they have given out and the outcome of these treatments. The clinics who gain a reputation for outputting many positive fertility treatment results are the ones who will have a large fan base and will bring in new customers all the time. Clinics with a shaky track record will be fairly easy to spot and thus avoid. We have made an article to help you compare fertility clinics, read more about it in 'comparing fertility clinics'.

The last thing you should do when visiting fertility clinics is to take a trip into the clinic and see things for yourself. By meeting the doctors and staff that will potentially be assisting you, you are gaining first hand experience about what you can expect when it comes time to make official visits and receive treatment. Someone’s opinion on an internet blog is fine, but until you see the clinic for yourself you are completely relying on someone else’s opinion.

Fertility Treatment Success Rates

If you are about to undergo a certain fertility procedure, you are going to want to be enduring the treatment that has the highest likelihood of giving you a child. The problem with this is that as a patient you do not always have the luxury of picking which treatment you receive because some treatments are more fitting for your specific situation than others. For example, while IVF treatment may have incredibly high rates of success when performed at your clinic, IVF treatment may not be what your issue requires.

Once your fertility doctor figures out exactly what treatment will work for you, he or she will then give you a bit of insight into the success rates of that treatment. The problem with success rates is that while they may give you a good idea as to your chances of having a healthy child, they are not a guarantee and your results may be different than other people who were in similar situations.

New fertility treatments, and treatments that are a derivative of already existing treatments are popping up all the time and the general rate of success amongst fertility treatments is rising. On top of that, even if one treatment fails on the first attempt, many procedures are able to be completed multiple times. For example, there are stories of women who have gone through IVF treatment as many as 5 or 6 times before seeing positive results. Even though you may not see success on your first or even your second attempt through a fertility treatment, there is always hope of trying again or moving on to a different type of treatment.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day the main thing that you should take away from this is that no matter how good a fertility treatment is claimed to be, it is not going to work 100% of the time ever. The only thing you can do to improve your chances of seeing success from a fertility treatment is by picking a reputable clinic and agreeing to a treatment that is known to produce positive results.
Finding a reputable clinic is as easy as an internet search or scrolling through the telephone book. The worst mistake you can make is by settling on the first clinic you find, because even though that clinic may be convenient in one way or another, it is not necessarily going to be the clinic that will help you most effectively.
By doing your research and reading about the treatment(s) you are to receive and the clinic(s) that you are going to visit you can ensure that you won’t be in for any unwanted surprises. Research is the most important part about giving yourself a high rate of success for fertility treatments, but it is also one of the most overlooked aspects too.